Wavelight plus (Ray Trace Technology)

The new Wavelight Plus (Ray Trace Technology) technology was first trialled 3 years ago at 5 sites around the world. PersonalEYES is proud to be the only Australian site to participate in the study. This technology has revolutionised how we approached laser eye treatment.

What is Wavelight Plus

The technology provides a treatment based on the individual's eye rather than the prescription glasses they wear. In the past, treatments were the same between individuals if they wore the same glasses.

In this advanced diagnostic technology, 500 beams of light are directed at the eye, and the reflected light is measured and collected with microscopic precision of 1/100,000 of a millimetre to generate a personalised treatment plan.

The technology also measures all the components of the eye such as the length and curvature. Knowing the shape of the eye and how it processes the 500 beams of light, an Eyevatar of the eye can be created.

This personalised, multidimensional, 3D model of the eye, called the ‘eyevatar’, is invaluable as surgeons can now virtually treat the eye and safely determine the best possible personalised treatment pattern for the eye before actually physically treating the eye.

For the first time, we are now offering ‘personalised’ laser eye correction, employing technology that allows the laser to move faster than the eye, simultaneously detecting and accommodating for any eye movements like never before during the procedure. For the first time surgeons are now moving beyond 20/20 vision to achieve HD-vision.

Personaleyes was the first centre in the world to make available the commercial version of this device available 2 years ago. Associate Professor Chandra Bala, independently researched the technology and published the largest series in the world of 400 eyes in the peer reviewed Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. More than half the eyes in the study achieved 20/12.5 vision without glasses. 20/12.5 means a patient can read at 20 feet what a normal person can only read from 12.5 feet! They could see 7.5 feet earlier. For the first time 8% of everyday people achieved 20/10, a size not usually found on eye charts as it is too small! Forty percent of patients saw 1 or more lines better than they had ever seen with glasses. The eye appeared to be fined tuned to a much better level than was possible before.

The commercial version of the Wavelight Plus (Innoveyes ray tracing technology) is now available across all PersonalEYES clinics across NSW.

Wavelight Plus Video

Wavelight Plus Results

To date, A/Prof Chandra Bala has performed ray-tracing laser eye treatment on more than 1,000 cases. This novel, diagnostic technology is poised to improve the diagnosis, treatment and outcomes for people living with myopia and astigmatism.

wavelight plus