Macular Degeneration Treatment

What is Macular Degeneration?

Macular Degeneration (MD) is the leading cause of blindness and severe vision loss in Australia. One in seven people over the age of 50 are affected by the disease and the incidence increases with age and is often called Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

MD refers to a group of degenerative diseases of the retina that cause progressive, painless loss of central vision, affecting the ability to see fine detail, drive, read and recognise faces.

Dr Chandra Bala on Channel 7

For a million ageing Australians with Macular Degeneration, daily tasks such as reading and driving become challenging. For this group of people, we are hoping to improve their quality of life with a new pioneering treatment that will help them regain their independence.

This new treatment follows the same procedure as your routine cataract surgery but uses a new Intra-Ocular Lens with a built-in magnifier. This will help restore the patient’s central vision allowing them to read, drive and recognise their loved ones.

Dr Andrew Rochford reports on the amazing gift of sight.

5 Signs you may have Macular Degeneration

  1. Difficulty in reading or doing any other activity which requires fine vision.
  2. Distortion – straight lines appear wavy or bent.
  3. Distinguishing faces becomes difficult.
  4. Dark patches or empty spaces in the centre of one’s vision.
  5. Family has a history with Macular Degeneration

How this treatment can change your life!

Regain your ability to drive
To those who have lost their license due to macular degeneration, this is your chance to regain your freedom.

Regain your ability to read
Be able to read your favourite book, a handwritten letter from your friends and an email from your family.

Recognise the face of loved ones again
Regain your ability to recognise the faces of your friends, children and grandchildren.