Suitability for LASIK

Each pair of eyes is unique and LASIK isn’t suitable for everyone. Typically we say no to 1 in 5 patients because our patients safety is our number 1 priority.

Several factors are used to assess your suitability for treatment, these include:

  • your age (usually over 20 to 40/45)

  • your lifestyle needs, e.g. work, sport or hobbies

  • stable vision for up to 12 months

  • vision correction and astigmatism inside acceptable ranges

  • healthy eyes (free of any eye disease)

  • good general health (it is also preferable that you are not pregnant)

Your eyes will need to be examined thoroughly to determine your suitability and to enable an accurate assessment of the correct procedure for your eyes.

What if I’m not suitable for LASIK?

If you are not suitable for LASIK, there are many other excellent options available which our doctors will discuss with you at your assessment, e.g.

  • ICL Implantable Lens

  • IOL Intraocular Lens

From 45-50 onwards our eyes naturally age and we find the need for reading glasses increases—this is called presbyopia. If this is the situation we will consider alternative options to ensure the best possible vision is maintained for both reading and distance.