Take the Quick Online Suitability Quiz

Are you unsure whether you’re even suitable for LASIK? There’s several factors we use to assess your suitability for treatment. Fill in this quick quiz and we’ll send you your online assessment.

1What's your age group?

Under 18
18-45 years
46-55 years
Over 56 years
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2When do you wear glasses or contacts?

All the time
Only for reading
Only for distance
I don't wear glasses/contacts but I suffer poor vision
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3Do you have astigmatism?*

Not Sure
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4Has your prescription changed in the last 12 months?*

Not Sure
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5Do you have any other eye conditions?

Dry eyes
Corneal Scarring
Ocular herpes
Retinal disease
None of these
Not Sure
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6All done! We’re calculating your results now. Pop in your details below and we’ll send them over to you shortly.

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