Terms & Conditions

  1. PersonalEYES will provide LASIK/ASLA enhancement procedures including associated costs involved in the delivery of the procedure only and post-enhancement examinations that may be required within the term and conditions of the ‘Lifetime of Vision Program’. Provided that the enhancement procedure is deemed to be advisable and safe by the treating surgeon and that the agreed visual aim of the initial procedure was not satisfactorily met.
  2. The ‘Lifetime of Vision Program’ is valid for all myopic treatments up to -10 dioptres, astigmatic treatments up to 5 dioptres, and hypermetropia up to +4 dioptres.
  3. Monovision procedures, performed for the correction of presbyopia within the specified parameters on patients, will qualify for the ‘Lifetime of Vision Program’. Enhancements will be performed at no additional cost should the visual acuity in the eye treated for monovision be less than N8 and if deemed advisable and safe by the treating surgeon (this does not cover or include the reversal of monovision).
  4. To qualify for the ‘Lifetime of Vision Program’ you must attend each post-operative examination appointment, prescribed by your surgeon, 1 day at personalEYES, and thereafter at either personalEYES or your local Accredited Optometrist.
  5. PersonalEYES will cover costs of all of the post-operative examinations within 12 months of the initial procedure undertaken at either personalEYES or your local Accredited Optometrist. PersonalEYES will not cover any post-operative examinations undertaken outside of Australia unless it is performed at a personalEYES clinic in another country.
  6. To ensure the best eye care now and in the future, it is important that you have your vision and eye health checked regularly and on an ongoing basis after your initial post-operative period is complete. To ensure the validity of your ‘Lifetime of Vision Program’ we recommend you attend routine eye examinations with your local Accredited Optometrist at intervals deemed necessary by the Optometrist. This typically is every one to two years thereafter, from the date of your initial procedure. These routine eye examinations will incur a cost determined by your Accredited Optometrist or will be charged to Medicare as is appropriate. Should you require or elect to undertake eye examinations after the anniversary date of the initial procedure at personalEYES a consultation fee will apply.
  7. Each post-operative examination and ongoing optometrist vision assessment (as outlined in your Lifetime of Vision Passport) must be recorded in this document for the ‘Lifetime of Vision Program’ to remain valid. Should you require an enhancement after the anniversary date of your initial procedure and are unable to provide proof of undertaking routine eye examinations as outlined in point #6 of the terms and condition, a fee will apply for further treatment.
  8. The ‘Lifetime of Vision Program’ does not include:
    • The Doctor’s consultation fee on matters that are not related to the vision correction procedure.
    • Temporary or permanent need for corrective lenses (glasses or contact lenses) as the eventual result of treatment
    • Any pre-operative or post-operative assessments that are not provided by personalEYES or Accredited Optometrist as outlined in #6 of the terms and conditions of the ‘Lifetime of Vision Program’.
    • Any incidental expenses such as medication other than those prescribed as part of the post-operative regime for the vision correction procedure, travel, accommodation, meals, loss of income etc.
  9. The ‘Lifetime of Vision Program’ does not apply to patients with diseases such as active auto-immune collagen vascular disorders, or to patients diagnosed with an ocular disease such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinal tear/detachment, amblyopia, macular degeneration or other eye diseases, or to patients whose loss of vision is a result of an accident involving trauma or ocular infections to the eye.
  10. The ‘Lifetime of Vision Program’ does not apply to patients who do not permanently reside in Australia or a country in which a personalEYES clinic is located and if the post-operative visit is undertaken at such clinic.
  11. This ‘Lifetime of Vision Program’ will be deemed void if any of the ongoing assessment appointments are not attended or recorded, or if the prescribed medication (s) has not been taken.

    Satisfaction Guarantee is deemed part of the Lifetime of Vision Program. Patients who qualify for the Lifetime of Vision Program are automatically eligible for the ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’. During the consultation with your personalEYES surgeon, an agreed visual goal will be determined along with the appropriate method of Laser Vision Correction. This visual goal will be documented in your patient records, informed consent and your Lifetime of Vision passport. As per the Lifetime of Vision policy, should the agreed goal be not met either initially or at a future date, then an enhancement procedure will be performed as outlined in clause three. If after exhausting every option to assist you in achieving the agreed goal and the patient is not happy with their result, then a refund of the cost of the original fee paid will be made.

    Satisfaction Guarantee covers each procedure, e.g. Right & Left eye, therefore a refund is determined based on the results of each individual eye. Refunds will be only for the eye that either does not achieve the agreed goal.

    Satisfaction Guarantee payments will not be made before the second-anniversary date of the last treatment of either eye, this includes enhancement procedures.

  12. HCF Eyecare Special Offer is subject to a comprehensive consultation with our ophthalmologist. The offer is not valid with any other offer or payment plan.
  13. personalEYES is committed to providing all of our patients with exceptional care. Unfortunately, when a patient cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another patient from being seen. Please inform us of any changes a day prior to your scheduled appointment. If prior notification is not given, you will be charged $30 for the missed appointment.