Near Vision Correction

Near Vision Loss: Presbyopia Treatment

Remember when…

  • Reading a newspaper or book was something you took for granted.
  • Threading a needle took just one go.
  • You could read a text message or without hunting around for your reading glasses.
  • You could read the labels in the supermarket.

You aren’t alone. Typically, from age 40-50 years and onwards you will notice you are becoming more and more dependent on reading glasses.

This is simply part of the natural process of aging and is a result of the lens inside your eye becoming less flexible and no longer being able to focus clearly on close objects; whereas your distance vision is often unaffected.

This is called presbyopia—the need for reading glasses.

You can’t stop time marching on, but when it comes to your eye sight
you can now reverse it!

Using the latest techniques and an experienced, dedicated team, your sight can be what it once was—clear, sharp and lens-free!

Presbyopia can also occur in combination with other refractive errors such as myopia and hyperopia and many treatments also make it possible to treat all conditions at once or using separate procedures.