Reasons to Consider LASIK surgery

personalEYES | 6 Jun 2019

Reasons to Consider LASIK surgery

LASIK eye surgery is a miracle of modern technology for those with vision impairment.

Cataracts and presbyopia would be the most common of eye sight problems effecting people.

Those wearing glasses or contacts – or just ignoring the problem altogether will be amazed at how their lives can change once this brilliant piece of surgery is performed.

Here is how:

Freedom: To swim, play sports, go to the gym – just sweat away.

See Better: Obvious, but life altering.

Cost Effective: After the initial outlay, no more glasses or contacts needed. Ever lost a pair – or sat on them? It’s very expensive.

Convenience: No need to suffer the hassle of forgetting your specs.

Enjoy: Great vision. Wear very cool sunglasses.

Still not convinced?

What exactly is the laser doing to the eyeball to make eyesight better?

What occurs during LASIK is called “photoablation” – it’s not burning, and it’s not shaving, but it’s ablating, meaning that it’s removing tissue.

The laser is actually reshaping the cornea. If you’re nearsighted, that means your cornea is too steep, so the laser will flatten the central cornea. Meanwhile, if you’re farsighted and the cornea is too flat, the laser may reshape it to essentially steepen the centre.

Does it hurt?

There is no pain during the procedure. The patient might feel a little pressure on the eye, when the doctor is making the flap (about 15 seconds), because there is a suction device on it. The sensation can be likened to closing your eye and applying a little pressure with the thumb. Numbing drops are also applied to the eyeball beforehand.

Leaders in LASIK Eye Surgery are personalEYES. The team of surgeons at their clinics perform procedures using this latest technology.

LASIK blade free laser technology at personalEYES provides the most sensitive and accurate vision correction. The successful manipulation of the LASIK laser equipment leaves no doubt that the skill of the eye surgeon is critical. You need to be in safe hands.

If you think your life can change for the better with laser eye surgery, contact the personalEYES team for a free examination and assessment. They will give you a professional opinion you can trust. If you prove to be a suitable candidate, the procedure will be thoroughly explained, then the decision is up to you.

For your first step towards great vision call 1300 68 3937 [1300 Nu Eyes]

Calculate how much you could save with LASIK
Calculate how much you could save with LASIK