Why Cost Should Not Be The Only Criteria When Choosing a Laser Eye Surgery Clinic

personalEYES | 23 Sep 2019

Why Cost Should Not Be The Only Criteria When Choosing a Laser Eye Surgery Clinic

Laser eye surgery is a pretty big decision and may significantly improve your everyday life. It is also a highly technical and precise surgery that requires real expertise and experience. Therefore, while we might be tempted to choose a laser eye surgery clinic based purely on cost this should not be the major criteria when making our choice. Budget clinics or cheaper deals may look attractive at first, however, they may not give you the quality that you need for a successful surgery. So if the cost should only be one of the considerations, what else should you look for in a laser eye surgery clinic?

The history and reputation of the clinic. A brand spanking new clinic might sound good but it normally hasn’t had the time to build a reputation with customers. A clinic with a long history has had time to prove the quality of its work to the market and develop a name for itself. To get a good idea of a clinic, take a look at their customer satisfaction ratings and reviews, and ensure that they have a good reputation before you make any kind of commitment.

Experience of their doctors. Perhaps the most important factor when choosing a laser eye surgery clinic is ensuring that you have a doctor that is right for you. Look for bios on their site and read up a little on the doctor that you want to perform the surgery. Do your research on them and if have any more questions then be sure to book a one on one consultation and be prepared to ask them what you need to know.

What surgeries they offer. LASIK is perhaps the most popular laser eye surgery with great results and a long history but may not be the right surgery for you. One example is people who have extremely high refractive errors may not be suitable for LASIK laser eye surgery. A good clinic, however, will offer alternatives that may be more suitable for the patient such as SMILE or IOL intraocular lenses.

What equipment are they using? Aside from their doctors and experts, the technology that a laser eye surgery clinic uses is vital to the success of their practice. Look to see if you can find a list of the equipment they are using and ensure that they are up to date and advanced enough to do the job. Do they offer flexible repayment options?

While cost should not be the only criteria it is still a consideration for many, so the right clinic will not only have experienced doctors, the right surgery and up to date equipment but will also offer flexible repayment options to make their surgeries more accessible for everyone. Take a look at the repayments section of their site and see whether their options suit your budget.