Two New Pioneering Laser Procedure Innovations

personalEYES | 16 Sep 2019

Two New Pioneering Laser Procedure Innovations

Technolas Perfect Vision TPV has now developed a new femtosecond laser procedure, known as CUSTOMLENS™, for performing the key steps in the cataract surgery procedure.

CUSTOMLENS will be the latest procedure module to become available on the TECHNOLAS Femotosecond Workstation, in addition to the presbyopia treatment, INTRACOR®, flap module CUSTOMFLAP®, and the therapeutic indications, CUSTOMSHAPE®.

Dr Kristian Hohla, CEO of Technolas Perfect Vision, said ”TPV is again leading the way in the field of laser surgery. In the two years since the formation of Technolas Perfect Vision, we have remained focused on bringing value to our customers.

With the addition of the CUSTOMLENS module to our femtosecond laser, surgeons will be able to perform cataract, intrastromal, refractive and therapeutic procedures using the same femtosecond laser. No other company can offer this level of versatility with one system.”

CUSTOMLENS has been developed to perform the key elements of the cataract procedure, capsulorhexis, lens fragmentation, limbal relaxing incisions and clear corneal incisions.

CUSTOMLENS will be commercially available mid 2011.

TPV has also developed an entirely new corneal approach to treating presbyopia with an excimer laser, known as SUPRACOR. The new SUPRACOR algorithm combines the best of both worlds, using the growing INTRACOR experience and learnings fromthe corneal approach with excimer laser, to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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