SMILE Is A Relatively New Form Of Laser Eye Surgery

personalEYES | 23 Sep 2019

SMILE Is A Relatively New Form Of Laser Eye Surgery

We are excited to introduce the SMILE procedure at personalEYES.

Our experience with SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is that it is more suited to the higher myopic treatments where complications are less likely and perhaps the results will be more stable with hopefully less dry eye.

The gold standard in refractive surgery has been LASIK with over 10,000,000 procedures completed worldwide. However it was noted that the higher treatments were more likely to regress to myopia and so other options are offered at personalEYES for high myopic refractions.

Implantable contact lenses (Staar ICL) give excellent stability and optical quality however room for the lens must be present. ICLs leave the cornea alone and can be removed if required.

SMILE needs similar corneal thicknesses as LASIK and is only suitable for myopia not hyperopic treatments. Enhancements or touch ups for SMILE still remain controversial with perhaps PRK (surface laser) being the best option at present resulting in extended healing time.

So far we have been happy with our results using SMILE and see it as a complement to our refractive laser range.

Dr Kerrie Meades
Chief Medical Director