Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Proceeding With Laser Eye Surgery

personalEYES | 23 Sep 2019

Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Proceeding With Laser Eye Surgery

Your vision is important, so its in your best interest to ask lots of questions and choose a surgeon who cares for your eyesight as much as you do. These are some things to consider:

Am I a good candidate for laser vision correction surgery?
Patients who have mild or moderate short-sightedness are often ideal candidates for this procedure, as are those with refractive problems, like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Your surgeon should be able to discuss the accuracy of vision to expect after LASIK, based on your specific conditions.

What kind of lasik correction surgery will be used?
There are several different types of LASIK eye surgery, so you should ask your surgeon what type of technique will be used for your treatment. Check to see whether your surgeon is proficient in one particular technique, or is able to use several so he or she can confidently choose the one that will be best to correct your particular vision problems.

Will you be handling my pre- and post-operative care?
It is best if the same doctor explains the whole procedure from beginning to end to make sure that each detail of your eye condition is well monitored.

What risks are inherent with lasik vision correction surgery?
Before proceeding with any kind of medical procedure, you should always make sure you understand the risks. While LASIK eye surgery is very safe and the incidence of aberrations occurring is very low, it’s still important to understand what could be involved.

Will there be any side-effects in the weeks after surgery?
Your surgeon should explain any side-effects that may occur such as minor fluctuations, regression, halos and minor starbursting. Small fluctuations are normal for the first three months.

What check-ups will be required after surgery?
You will also need to return for a check-up on your eyes one day after surgery, one week after and one month after. Appointments after that will depend on your condition.

How do a I look after my eyes after laser eye surgery?
You will be given instructions after surgery by your doctor so follow these to ensure the best recovery. You should aim to have a restful day, avoid rubbing or pressing on the eye, and use the prescribed eye drops as directed. It is also recommended that you do not go swimming for two weeks and no contact sports for four weeks.