Ways to Protect Your Eyes

personalEYES | 6 Jun 2019

Ways to Protect Your Eyes

Money isn’t the only asset we need to protect. How about our eyes? Like funds, they need to last as long we do.

Think of their care as like your superannuation. Securing investments during a lifetime will prepare you for a comfortable retirement. Not that we are planning to retire our eyes, but they won’t work for you like they did when you were younger unless you invest carefully in them while they are performing well.

Macular degeneration, dry eye syndrome, cataracts, myopia can all impact on the health of our eyes as an investment. With a bit of forward asset protection, we can look after our vision by taking certain measures to secure long term returns.

Changes in lifestyle, less outdoor activity and more sedentary routines have had an impact on our eyes and there are generations to come who will spend more and more time looking at a computer screens.

Computers can be complicit in the welfare of our sight, so here are some important tips to help your eyes go the distance.

  • If you are sitting at your screen for hours, ensure your posture allows you to view the monitor straight ahead and not on an angle
  • If it is going to be a long haul, turn down the brightness of your screen for a gentler impact
  • Bit of an odd thing to be aware of, but see if you can maintain a blink rate of about 12 – 15 blinks per minute. It can help keep the eyes moist
  • Avoid sitting directly under an air conditioning vent to avoid eyes drying out quickly
  • Take short breaks if you are working for hours at a time – not only good for the eyes, but the body and soul as well
  • If you are using over-the-counter lubricating eye drops, you should be seeing your optician or doctor for an assessment
  • If you notice any changes to you vision, you need to have them investigated
  • A healthy diet including plenty of fresh vegetables and Omega 3 supplement will help
  • Give up smoking
  • Stay fit and maintain a healthy weight
  • Have annual eye checks with your optician

Lifestyle and vision are partners in crime with prevention being the cornerstone for eyesight maintenance. Get yours checked out and help them to last a lifetime. It will be the best investment you have ever made.

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