Our Lifetime of Vision Program

At personalEYES our approach is to assist you in achieving optimal visual results for your eyes now and in the future. Because of our vast experience in Laser Vision Correction for more than 10 years we are delighted to offer qualified patients our Lifetime of Vision program. This program incorporates Australia’s first ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’.

What is the benefit of this program?

Our Lifetime of Vision program provides you with the confidence and reassurance that if sometime in the future re-treatment becomes appropriate to maintain your agreed visual goal, (either distance or near), we will provide this to you at no extra charge.

What is the ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’?

PersonalEYES is committed to providing you with a new world of vision – that’s why we provide you with our unique ‘satisfaction guarantee’.

Although a vast majority of people qualify for Laser Vision Correction, we take a conservative approach to carefully selecting patients. This means that unless we believe we can render you independent from glasses or contact lenses, we will either recommend an alternative procedure better suited to your eye condition; or suggest that you do not proceed with treatment. Approximately one in five people are not suitable for Laser Vision Correction.

During a thorough ophthalmic eye examination, your eye surgeon will determine if you are a suitable candidate for Laser Vision Correction.

Our patient satisfaction rating is considered a benchmark in the industry. More than 98% of our patients are completely satisfied after treatment.

If after exhausting all possible methods of correcting your vision you are not satisfied, and we have not met the agreed visual goal, personalEYES will refund the cost of that procedure.

What other guidelines are involved?

To ensure optimal health of the eye after your Laser Vision Correction procedure you must attend the prescribed post-operative visits for the first six months. It is then important for you to continue with routine eye examinations with your optometrist who will monitor your vision while assessing for other eye conditions such as glaucoma.

Does it include personalEYES retreatments?

As a qualifying candidate for Lifetime of Vision, if at the time of your initial procedure you either elected to have, or it was deemed not necessary for you to have, custom personalEYES treatment but require a personalEYES re-treatment option, you will not be charged for the difference between conventional Laser Vision Correction and custom treatment.

Terms & Conditions Apply