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Freedom from glasses for a better quality of life

Would you like to live your life without dependency on glasses or contact lenses? Are your cataracts giving you cloudy vision? Are you over 40 and starting to notice changes in your vision?

Technologically advanced ophthalmic surgery can mean goodbye to glasses and prevent or eliminate cataracts. Long-sightedness, short-sightedness or astigmatism can now be corrected by replacing your natural lens with a permanent artificial lens.

With this latest technology it is now possible to replace the eye’s natural lens with a new permanent LENTIS Mplus lens.

The procedure will give you back the benefit of being able to focus on near, intermediate and far objects, as previously given to you by your contact lenses or glasses.

LENTIS® Mplus can correct common irregularities associated with the focusing of the eye, known as refractive errors such as…

  • Presbyopia (age-related) – Typically, as we get older, we become more dependent on reading glasses. The natural lens inside the eye becomes less flexible and cannot focus clearly on close objects. Presbyopia may occur with other refractive errors such as myopia and hyperopia.
  • Myopia (short-sightedness) – A near-sighted eye has too much focusing power, which means that images are focused in front of the retina—the back of the eye—rather than directly on its surface, which means images will be blurred in the distance.
  • Hyperopia (long-sightedness) – A long-sighted eye has too little focusing power, which means images are focused behind the retina. This results in poor near vision and in severe cases it can even affect distance vision.
  • Astigmatism (corneal irregularity) – Astigmatism is an irregularity in the shape of the cornea. Instead of being round like a football it is oval like a rugby ball. As a result, images are distorted at the back of the eye, which causes blurring of all round vision. Typically astigmatism occurs with either myopia or hyperopia.
  • Cataracts – Lens replacement used to treat cataracts, has been a common procedure for many years. With there is no need to wait until the cataracts become an inconvenience.

The Artificial Lens Procedure

Freedom from glasses or contact lenses can be obtained and conditions such as presbyopia and cataract can be treated with the implantation of the innovative multifocal artificial lens.

Your surgeon will decide on the right lens for you after assessing your condition and lifestyle. The surgeon removes the natural lens and replaces it with the specially selected lens, which takes 20 minutes per eye.

Lentis MplusWhat Makes LENTIS® Mplus Different?

LENTIS Mplus is a multi-focal lens which gives you clear distance, intermediate and near vision. This means that most people can perform their daily tasks, like reading, driving and computer work without the need for vision correction.

It is one of the most advanced technologies available, unique in its design, which reduces visual disturbances such as loss of contrast sensitivity and severe glare and halo. LENTIS Mplus Toric is specifically designed for those patients suffering with astigmatism.

Frequently Asked Questions

How common is this procedure?
There are over 14 million cataract and lens exchange procedures per year worldwide, making this one of the most common successful operations.

Is there any discomfort during surgery?
Local anaesthetic is used to numb the eye. You may get some itching and mild discomfort after surgery, but in general this should go within 24–48 hours of the surgery.

How quickly will I see the result?
Many patients see results within a few hours, but may experience blurring for 24–48 hours. Best results usually come by the 12th week, although in some rare cases this may take up to six months.

When can I return to work?
On average within a week of surgery, but always seek advice from your consultant. If combined with laser cataract it could be the next day.

Are there any possible side effects?
LENTIS Mplus success rate is very high. Some patients may experience initial glare and halo, but this is often overcome with the second eye surgery.

Can I have both eyes done at once?
Generally your consultant would implant one lens followed by the second eye shortly after.

Will I have to come back for any follow up?
You will be seen day one and then one week and one month after.

What do other surgeons say?

“Oculentis Mplus – this lens has given me the ability to give cataract patients quality distance vision and reading vision in almost all cases. Patients are not commenting on night time halos, and are describing their vision as amazing. Finally, a wow factor.”
Dr Kerrie Meades, Medical Director personalEYES, Sydney

“The LENTIS Mplus lens is the very latest technology in vision correction surgery. It is the next step forward and it is a huge step forward. It opens up a whole new world, especially for those over 40 who tend not to be suitable for regular laser treatment.”
Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Belfast

“The LENTIS Mplus is the latest premium multifocal intraocular lens, which allows excellent vision for near, intermediate or far. It is important we provide our patients with the best at all times and the Mplus is the best there is today.”
Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Leeds

“The LENTIS Mplus Toric combining Mplus near vision correction technology and the toric functionalities of the Tplus series, creates a superb and optimal solution for patients with presbyopia and astigmatism.”
Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Plymouth

What do the patients say?

Andrew Keen – 49 year old, businessman with severe presbyopia
Andrew’s quality of personal and professional life has improved enormously since having lenses implanted. Suddenly, his bi-weekly cross-country business flights are headache-free, his night driving vision is perfect and he has even been able to teach his son to swim, as hindering goggles and steamy contact lenses are no longer a requirement.

Lynsey Philpott – 28 year old with bilateral cataracts
Lynsey was extremely surprised after the first lens was implanted by the clarity of her vision and how colours were so much crisper. She said, “It sounds really soppy but looking at Maddy (my five year-old daughter) is really special since I’ve had the new lenses. For the first time I really get to appreciate the beautiful colour of her eyes.”

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