8 Famous Celebrities Who Opted for Laser Eye Surgery

personalEYES | 6 Jun 2019

8 Famous Celebrities Who Opted for Laser Eye Surgery

Many celebrity actors & singers have undergone laser eye surgery, & have had great success. This reflects a general trend in favour of the surgery.

Celebrities are always in the public eye, constantly scrutinised by paparazzi, news channels and blogs. It’s little wonder then that many of them turn to laser eye surgery. By choosing to have their vision corrected, they are able to look their best without having to resort to contacts or find the perfect pair of glasses to complement their outfit. If they want to go incognito, all they need to do is slip on a pair of sunglasses – no prescription needed.

However, the decision to have laser eye surgery is not just attributable to vanity. Many celebrities work in film, television or theatre, media that requires them to be adaptable. Successful performances often hinge on completely inhabiting a role. Being free of contacts and glasses allows actors and actresses to alter their appearances more easily, and to be concerned only with their performance, rather than trying to see. It also allows greater freedom in more active roles, such as action movies.

Brad Pitt, sometimes known for his physical performances (Fight Club, Spy Game, Troy, Mr & Mrs Smith, Inglorious Basterds), is one celebrity who has had his eyesight corrected with laser surgery.

Closer to home, Australia’s Nicole Kidman made the same decision, keeping her signature looks unencumbered by prescription glasses. (Instead, she chose a prosthetic nose in The Hours!)

Similarly, Cindy Crawford, the owner of the world’s most famous beauty spot, has been able to avoid glasses with a simple laser procedure.

Younger celebrities also undergo the procedure. No longer at risk of tumbling off the stage, singing sisters, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson battled their family genes for bad eyesight and remain glasses free.

These are just a tiny selection of the celebrities that have opted for the surgery; there are many others, including Reese Witherspoon, Courtney Cox & Elton John.

The number of celebrities choosing to have the procedure reflects a increase in popularity amongst the general population. As more and more people get become aware of the possibilities for laser eye surgery, both celebrities and non-celebrities alike are choosing to cast away their glasses and look to the future.

Calculate how much you could save with LASIK
Calculate how much you could save with LASIK