Bladeless LASIK: Next Generation Eye Surgery

personalEYES | 6 Jun 2019

Bladeless LASIK: Next Generation Eye Surgery

NASA has set a bench mark for innovation and implementation. Its space program has changed the world. Their legacy has gifted us random everyday things like water filters, cordless tools, ear thermometers and shoe insoles.

What they develop is cautiously undertaken and thoroughly researched. To get people into outer space, every piece of equipment has to be subjected to forces and changes which previously never had to be taken into account.

A consequence of this new world was the stringent requirements astronauts and pilots had to meet to be considered for their programs. A cause for elimination was any sort of visual impairment. Around 50% of potential candidates were eliminated due to poor vision. Zero gravity conditions and g-force factors were enough to deem the wearing of glasses and contact lenses unsafe.

Laser corrective surgery has been used extensively with the general public successfully for years, but until recent advances in technology, this still did not qualify for the extremely difficult conditions under which NASA aviators had to perform.

However, this has now changed and anyone reading this article who has been considering laser vision correction should take heart in the level of validation of this surgery.

NASA has now approved CUSTOM LASIK blade free surgery for its aviators.

This ground breaking ”Wavefront” technique has the potential to improve not only how much is seen – but actually how well it can be seen in terms of contrast and sensitivity. This is a colossal break through as the 20/20 vision outcome has now been extended. Traditional LASIK procedures can correct ordinary vision defects such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. But other irregularities associated with the eye’s optical system could not be addressed until the advent of wavefront and related technology used in custom LASIK.

To the lay person – it is amazing. A custom LASIK treatment is completely individualised. The laser creates an optimal corneal surface below the flap and treatment begins with the wavefront device safely transmitting a ray of light into the eye. This light is then reflected back off the retina, out through the pupil and into the device where it is arranged into a pattern unique to the patient’s condition.

All irregularities are then displayed on a 3-D ”wavefront” map and computer-matched to the eye’s position. This then allows the surgeon to custom-correct vision based on the unique characteristics of an individual’s eye.

Results have been consistently outstanding and trialled extensively by the U.S. military. Statistics have supported that Custom LASIK surgery has achieved 20/20 vision or better for 95% of personnel and marksmen and aviators have reported improvement in visual precision.

It is a colossal endorsement to have this type of vision surgery approved by NASA as their standards are way above and beyond what is called for in everyday life.

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