Don’t Lose Your Two Best Friends

personalEYES | 12 Sep 2019

Don’t Lose Your Two Best Friends

Age Related Macular Degeneration is an extremely invasive medical condition which can drastically impair vision. It affects older adults and the central vision is profoundly affected. The devastating nature of the damage it causes is life-changing.

Macular Degeneration is painless – so it can do its worst as symptoms may go unnoticed for some time. Initial changes include blurred and distorted vision, a slow recovery of visual function after exposure to light and difficulty in determining contrasts in colours. And they are just the subtle ones! Once on its destructive path, Age Related Macular Degeneration destroys central vision, meaning that recognising faces, reading and focusing becomes something you could only do in the past.

If you are over fifty, then it is time to start considering your eye health – something which may not even currently be on your radar. Regular checks by an optometrist are essential to identify any changes which may be occurring. Early detection is critical in order to save sight. Good macular health is as important as maintaining your overall fitness.

Did you realise that elevated cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, smoking and even in some cases, low levels of Vitamin D can impact on eye wellness? We are conditioned to understand that these issues need addressing and prevention is the best form of attack. It is well documented that continued use of vitamins such as fish oil provide long term wellness benefits, so consider your eye health in this same category.

Macutec Essentials is an Australian company which has responded to the results of a comprehensive clinical study released by the American National Eye Institute in 2013 into Age Related Macular Degeneration. Known as AREDS2, the study demonstrated that eye health could be assisted by the intake of targeted vitamins. Dr Angela Jennings at the recent PersonalEYES Annual Conference Event spoke at length about the results of this study and its findings.

The AREDS research group was headed by lead investigator Emily Y. Chew, M.D. who claimed ”Long-term use of AREDS supplements appears protective”.

AREDS2 was an important five-year clinical study that demonstrated positive results for dietary zeaxanthin and lutein.

The investigators reported that lutein and zeaxanthin supplementation is an effective alternative to beta-carotene. It is therefore very important that for maximum low risk macular protection, Lutein and Zeaxanthin are included in the formulation.

As a result, the following products are now available:

  • Macutec Essentials is formulated with the exact ingredients and ratios as recommended by the AREDS investigators.
  • Macutec + Omega 3 (the original Macutec formulation) contains Omega 3 Fish Oils, and a lower level of zinc, no copper and natural vitamin E.

Macutec’s website is and it claims their capsules taken in accordance with directions are the first line of defence to assist in lowering the threat of acquiring Age Related Macular Degeneration.

PersonalEYES support the results of this study and Macutec’s products are available from their clinics.

Minimising the risk of this nasty condition is vital – so check it out.