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Cost Savings Calculator

Laser eye surgery not only offers you the potential of total freedom from glasses or contact lenses, it can also save you money!

Using our simple comparison calculator below you can determine the cost savings that you could achieve, and find out just how affordable laser eye surgery can be.

Click to enter your average costs and how often.


1. Cost of Laser Vision Correction Surgery

Cost of laser eye surgery (for two eyes):

Cost will vary depending on the type of procedure suitable for your eyes

2. Comparison Timeframe
10 years

Comparison time frame (Years):

Laser eye surgery will last a lifetime. We have used 1 years for our comparison but you can try another scenario.

3. Cost of my contact lenses & solutions
Total Cost: $0

Average cost of lenses:

Purchased every (months):

Lens solution cost per month:

4. Cost of my glasses
Total Cost: $0

Average cost of glasses:

Purchased every (years):

Our unique Lifetime of Vision program also ensures your new world of vision will remain for many years to come.

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