Bladeless LASIK Procedures At PersonalEYES

personalEYES | 17 Sep 2019

Bladeless LASIK Procedures At PersonalEYES

Bladeless surgery relies on the use of lasers for the LASIK corrective eye surgery and is a safer and more accurate procedure which allows for rapid healing and visual recovery, and excellent visual outcomes.

With femtosecond laser technology, our surgeons are able to create a customised flap of a desired thickness, size, orientation and location.

New wavefront technology (personalEYES Custom LASIK) means that as well as treating your refractive error we can also adjust for subtle imperfections and scattered light errors that are unique only to your eyes; which can result in a better quality of vision.

Most patients who undergo bladeless LASIK surgery see dramatic differences by the next day and many patients are even able to return to their normal routine the next day.

About personalEYES:

With clinics throughout NSW and ACT, personalEYES offer world class vision correction procedures here in Australia. The surgeons at personalEYES have performed more than 20,000 refractive and cataract procedures over the years. As leaders in their field, personalEYES will personalise your vision care with the technique that is best suited for your eyes.