Experience & Reputation

We are one of the most experienced corrective eye surgery groups in Australasia.

We have many years of clinical experience correcting the vision of thousands of patients using a variety of techniques, successfully performing tens of thousands of vision correcting procedures.

Dr Kerrie Meades is a Lasik pioneer. She was the first female ophthalmologist to perform laser vision correction in Australia and her expertise in refractive surgery is internationally recognised.

We’re proud of the reputation for excellence that has been earned over many years. Our surgeons are of the most respected and sought after specialists for training in Refractive surgery. They are regularly invited to lecture and speak at medical symposiums.

As an approved vision correction centre, we help develop, test and establish protocols for new, state of the art vision correction procedures.

More than 100 Doctors, Optometrists from around Australia, and their family members have chosen Dr Meades to perform their surgeries.