Advanced Equipment

Procedures are performed onsite in our state-of-the-art facility. The personalEYES technology commitment means we continually upgrade our equipment and software to the most advanced, safest and verified standards.

The Zywave® II Wavefront measures your complete optical system providing a complete analysis of the eye’s corneal optical system. The system provides patient-specific analysis that leads to patient-specific solution.

The diagnostic information will integrate both topographic and wavefront diagnostic information for personalised laser vision correction. This technology aims to eliminate irregular focus to the finest details to create a superior optical system, capable of producing “super vision”.

ALCON LenSx® Laser System

The LenSx® laser is designed specifically for laser refractive cataract surgery. The Alcon® LenSx® laser provides a proprietary image-guided surgical laser, which transforms many of the manually executed steps of cataract surgery to computer controlled laser precision.

  • The LenSx® Laser System supports a smarter procedure
  • The LenSx® Laser System helps perform a better refractive cataract
  • The LenSx® Laser System streamlines refractive cataract surgery, for a faster procedure

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ALCON VERION™ Image Guided System

The VERION™ Image Guided System is designed to add greater accuracy and efficiency during surgical planning and execution. Consisting of the VERION™ Reference Unit and the VERION™ Digital Marker, it will enhance the way you perform cataract surgery.

To help optimise incision and IOL alignment, the VERION™ Digital Marker uses patient information and images from the VERION™ Reference Unit as a guide to provide accurate positioning.

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TECHNOLAS® Excimer Workstation

The latest ZYOPTIX® Advanced Control Eyetracking (ACETM) Technology; a dynamic rotational eyetracking system that tracks and simultaneously adjusts the ablation pattern for the duration of treatment and enables iris recognition for all ZYOPTIX treatments, offers unsurpassed outcomes, performance & safety—the ultimate peace of mind for both surgeon and patient.

The Zywave® II Wavefront measures your complete optical system providing a complete analysis of the eye’s corneal optical system and provides patient-specific analysis that leads to patient-specific solution.

The 217P delivers a personalised treatment with fast treatment times, increased patient comfort, a smooth corneal surface with exceptional safety and quality controls during the procedure, including Iris Recognition and 3D Eye Tracker. The 217P also enables a wider range of treatment options including hyperopia and induced aberrations.

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VICTUS™ Femtosecond Laser Platform

The VICTUS™ Femtosecond Laser Platform is the first and only femtosecond laser single platform for cataract, refractive and therapeutic procedures providing unparalleled versatility and leading-edge technology.
The VICTUS Platform can perform the key steps in the cataract surgery procedure:

  • Anterior capsulotomy
  • Lens fragmentation
  • Arcuate Incisions
  • Corneal incisions

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The INFINITI® Vision System allows physicians to provide patients with customised cataract surgery. This approach combines unparalleled fluidics with two unique energy delivery systems, providing surgeons increased efficiency and the ability to customise cataract lens removal to each patient.

The system’s OZIL® Torsional Handpiece delivers side-to-side, oscillating ultrasonic movement, enhancing surgeon control during surgery. Increased surgical control delivers greater potential for obtaining better surgical outcomes and safety than with traditional cataract removal technologies.

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The Heidelberg Spectralis

Spectralis®HRA+OCT – Combining the Best of SD-OCT and cSLO.

  • Leading edge technology from Heidelberg Engineering
  • Dual-beam simultaneous imaging
  • TruTrack™ eye tracking
  • 40,000 A-scans per second
  • Heidelberg Noise Reduction™
  • Network ready
  • High speed to overcome eye movement and increase patient comfort

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Zyoptix™ Excimer Laser

  • Fast treatment times and a smooth corneal surface
  • Quality control during the procedure
  • Maximum instrument control and flexibility for surgeons
  • Efficient data transfer


For more than 50 years “The HAAG-STREIT Slit Lamp” has been regarded as the “gold standard” instrument for ophthalmic diagnosis.

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Topcon Orbscan

The Topcon name is recognised and respected throughout the world, as a leading international manufacturer of the highest quality diagnostic instruments, equipment and software for Ophthalmology & Optometry.

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Cirrus HD-OCT

This new high-performance OCT instrument from Carl Zeiss Meditec offers a quantum leap forward in imaging. Featuring spectral domain technology, Cirrus HD-OCT delivers exquisite high-definition images of ocular structures, precise registration and intuitive, efficient operation.

  • Stunning high-definition 3D images
  • Retina, glaucoma and anterior segment
  • Densely packed cube scans allow unique 3D analyses
  • Guided Progression Analysis (GPA™) for glaucoma
  • Macular Changes Analysis with synchronised fly-through
  • Automatic Fovea Finder™ and AutoCenter™
  • Compact, fast and easy to use



The Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera System from Carl Zeiss

  • Legendary ZEISS optics & industrial-grade sensor combine to produce impressive images
  • Able to take images in normal ambient light (min. pupil 3.3mm)
  • Auto-flash and auto-focus make taking images easy
  • Easy networking and data storage


Humphrey® Field Analyser

Validated by decades of research and clinical experience, HFA is the accepted standard of care in automated perimetry.

  • World Gold standard of perimetry
  • Guided Progression Analysis (GPA™) and SITA SWAP™ for advanced glaucoma management
  • Visual Field Index (VFI™) to quantify rate of progression