Medicine Today | New Intracor procedure for treatment of presbyopia

The new Intracor procedure, which uses a laser system called Technolas Femtosecond Workstation, is now available for the treatment of presbyopia, personalEYES has announced.
According to the manufacturer, the procedure uses the laser to make a series of precise microscopic concentric ring patterns in the stroma, which results in a minor alteration to the corneal curvature.
The minimally invasive procedure maintains the natural shape of the eye and provides a more personalised and accurate treatment, compared with conventional laser correction, the manufacturer added.
The intracor procedure takes about 20 seconds to perform and there is minimal to no risk of infection.
The results of the procedure are immediately effective and patients can usually return to their normal activities within a few hours, the manufacturer noted.
Further information about Intracor is available from or phone 1300 68 3937.
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