personalEYES Custom LASIK

Like your fingerprints, each of your eyes is different with its own unique shape and visual characteristics, including subtle imperfections.

personalEYES Custom LASIK develops an individualised software treatment plan for each eye.

The Custom LASIK technology involves the development of a wavefront map for the eye, enabling a complete and accurate picture of the eye’s optical path.

Thanks to new wavefront technology we can not only treat your refractive error but also the subtle imperfections and scattered light errors that are unique only to your eyes which can result in a better quality of vision.

personalEYES uses the latest Zyoptix technology by Technolas Perfect Vision.

  • personalEYES means that laser eye treatment is now unique to each eye. With PersonalEYES, treatment is designed specifically to treat your individual vision errors.
  • personalEYES could improve the quality of your vision. In a clinical study conducted by Independent Refractive surgeons on behalf of Bausch & Lomb, significantly more personalEYES patients had less problems with night driving than patients undergoing treatment with a Bausch and Lomb Standard Laser.
  • Each personalEYES assessment involves an extra diagnostic (screening) process to let the surgeon understand your vision better and select the most suitable treatment for you.
  • In the personalEYES system the latest, most advanced technology is used to detect and treat very small vision errors.
  • The personalEYES system has many advanced built-in safety features that help to optimise the success of your treatment.
  • personalEYES, like standard laser treatment, is fast and virtually painless.