Bladeless ZLASIK™

Like LASIK, bladeless ZLASIK™ works by reshaping the cornea so that it is focusing onto the retina without the use of glasses or contact lenses. Bladeless LASIK today is The main difference is the flap is made using a laser. During a bladeless ZLASIK procedure the surgeon will reshape the cornea with a laser.

The first step is to use a state-of-the-art femtosecond laser to create an ultra-thin corneal flap. In seconds over a million computer-controlled pulses of laser light are delivered to the cornea. The beam passes harmlessly through the outer layers of the cornea until it reaches its exact focal point. Once at the pre-determined depth of the cornea, the laser produces a series of tiny gas bubbles which join together to create the flap.


Creation of a bladeless Z LASIK flap

image 01

With femtosecond laser technology, surgeons are now able to create a customised flap of a desired thickness, size, orientation and location.

Once the flap is created safely, the cornea reshaping and correction can take place. This custom correction is performed by the Bladeless ZLASIK excimer laser, which begins removing layers of individual cells in the corneal.

When the custom correction is completed, the ultra-thin corneal flap is gently placed back to its original position. Tissue regeneration and healing can now begin to take place and will heal completely over time. Bladeless ZLASIK correction is permanent and the laser treatment itself is painless and quick.

image 02

Clinical advantages of bladeless laser & lasik eye surgery:

  • Rapid healing and visual recovery.
  • Excellent visual outcomes.
  • Safer and greater accuracy.
  • Smooth surface of stromal bed.
  • Smooth edges for optimal flap closure.
  • Thin flaps of even thickness.