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Iris Color Change Survey

Would you change your eye colour permanently?

Tell us what you think in our 2-minute survey and win a AUD$50 apple store/Android Play store gift card

Iris Color Change Survey

Thank you for your interest in taking the Strōma Medical Iris Color Change Survey. We are strongly committed to providing the absolute best results to our clients and, in this endeavor, work hard to learn about the values and preferences you hold so that we may consistently exceed your expectations.


Please take 2 minutes to complete the following 14 questions (click on the most appropriate response and do not leave any answers blank).

1) Which country do you live in: *
2) What is your gender? *FemaleMale
3) Your age is between: *Under 2020-3030-4040-5050-60Above 60
4) What category best describes the industry you work in? *
5) What is your annual household income? *Less than $30,000$31,000 - $50,000$61,000 - $100,000$100,000 - $200,000Greater than $200,000
6) Please check the answer that best describes you. *I HAVE had laser eye surgery (LASIK/SMILE)I would consider laser eye surgery (LASIK/SMILE)I would NOT consider laser eye surgery (LASIK/SMILE)
7) Please check the answer that best describes you. *I HAVE had cosmetic surgeryI would consider having cosmetic surgeryI would NOT have cosmetic surgery
8) What is the total amount you have spent on cosmetic procedures to date? *NoneLess than $1,000Between $1,000 - $5,000Between $5,000 - $10,000More than $10,000
9) Please check the answer that best describes you. *I HAVE worn color contact lensesI would consider wearing color contact lensesI would NOT consider wearing color contact lenses

Let us say a new procedure is available that can permanently change a person’s eye color. It is clinically tested and medically approved by the FDA in the USA. It has also received the CE mark from the European Union. Assume that it is painless, non invasive, permanent and performed with a laser. The procedure takes about a minute for a certified eye specialist to perform.


How would it work? In all eyes except blue eyes the front surface of the iris is covered by pigment. The laser can reduce the pigment safely making the eye color more light.

10) If you could undergo a laser procedure to change your eye color (as describe above), would you do so? *YesMaybeNo
11) How much would you expect to pay to undergo a laser procedure that would change your eye color (both eyes) permanently? *$1,000 - $2000$2,000 - $3,000$3,000 - $4,000$4,000 - $5,000$5,000 - $6,000$6,000 - $7,000$7,000 - $8,000$8,000 - $9,000$9,000 - $10,000
12) Which color would you change your eye color to? *HazelGreenBlueGreyOther
13) Would you pay $5,500 to have your eye color changed to the color in question 12 if financing was available at $3.43 per day? *YesMaybeNo
14) What would be the biggest factor influencing your decision to have or not have the eye color procedure? *CostOutcome - final eye colorSafetyPhysician reputationOther
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