Ground breaking technology for the diagnosis of Macular Diseases

The Spectralis™ HRA+OCT is the world’s first commercial spectral domain optical coherence tomograph (OCT) combined with laser angiographya spectral domain system. The Spectralis™ HRA+OCT scans the retina at 40,000 scans per second, creating highly detailed images of the structure of the retina.

personalEYES is only the third site in Australia to install this ground breaking technology from Heidelberg Engineering.

This technology provides clinicians with never before seen details of the structure of the retina, improving both the diagnosis and tracking of macular diseases such as age related macular degeneration.

The Spectralis™ HRA+OCT detects previously unrecognized structures, combining high resolution cross-sectional images of the retina with any of four imaging modalities: autofluorescence, infrared, fluorescein angiography, or ICG angiography.

The Spectralis™ HRA+OCT scans the retina 100 times faster than older existing technology known as time domain OCT. Spectralis™ HRA+OCT is a spectral domain system, sometimes called fourier domain, which scans the retina at 40,000 scans per second, creating highly detailed images of the structure of the retina.

Because the OCT and HRA images are captured simultaneously, the clinician can be assured of the exact location of the area of interest and can correlate the outer visible retina structure with the internal structure.

“This new technology represents a dramatic leap in our ability to image complex macular disease,” said Scott Cousins, MD, director, Duke Center for Macular Diseases, at Duke University. “The combination of these two cutting edge technologies will amplify our understanding of retinal structure and provide us with new insights into the biological processes of the retina.”

The key features of the Spectralis™ HRA+OCT:

  • Leading edge technology
  • High resolution images of the retina
  • Dual laser scanning for simultaneous imaging
  • Tracks eye movement and cross section is moved to match
  • Allows repeat scans at exact same location
  • Tracks change over time
  • Noise reduction technology
  • High speed to overcome eye movement and increase patient comfort

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