Post Surgery Care

What to do after surgery:

  • Aim to have a restful day and evening. We encourage you to go home or to other accommodation, and sleep or close your eyes for 3-4 hours
  • Avoid rubbing or pressing on the eye
  • Avoid prying fingers of a child or baby
  • Moderate physical activity is allowed, do not lift heavy weights. Avoid straining and take care not to become constipated
  • Use only the prescribed eye drops as directed. You will be instructed as to what drops and when they are to be administered. It is preferable that someone else administers these drops for you. Continue using these drops until told to stop
  • Dark glasses may be worn during the day if necessary for comfort
  • The eye shields provided should be worn until the morning after surgery, and at night for the first two weeks
  • Reading and watching television is allowed. You may wear your glasses if they help
  • Driving may be resumed when you feel confident your vision is adequate for it. This typically occurs 12 hours after the operation. If in any doubt please check with your doctor
  • Do not wash your hair until after the one-day post-operative visit
  • No eye makeup for 7 days
  • No swimming for 2 weeks
  • No contact sports for 4 weeks
  • Some minor discomfort is normal and may be relieved by taking two panadol or panadeine tablets
  • Contact your doctor if there is any increase of pain or discomfort, or your eye becomes excessively red
  • Check with your doctor when you can return to work
  • Glasses, where required, will need changing after your operation, however you may continue to use your old glasses until then. No harm will be done.