Am I suitable for LASIK or Laser Eye Surgery?

Several factors are used to assess your suitability for treatment, these include your age (usually over 20), your vision (preferably unchanged for the previous 12 months), the health of your eyes (free of any eye disease) and your general health. It is also preferable that you are not pregnant.

If you are not suitable for lasik, there are now many other excellent options available please discuss with our doctors.

How long does it take?

For both eyes, the procedure takes abut 20-30 minutes but you will be at the centre for a few hours to ensure all pre and post-operative checks have been completed.

Will I need to take time off work?

In most cases you can go back to work the day after your procedure. Most patients regain 90% of their vision within 24 hours however you can expect to notice improvements and minor fluctuations over the next few weeks.

How soon can I drive?

For most people, you can resume driving the next day. We would recommend you do not drive for a day or two after surgery.

Are the procedures safe?

With any medical procedure there is always a level of risk, however with over 20 years history and 10 million procedures performed worldwide lasik procedures are considered to be safe, with very few reported complications. Ensuring you meet the recommended conditions for a lasik procedure, and using experienced surgeons, help reduce the risk factors.

Is Laser Eye Surgery permanent?

Once the cornea has been reshaped it tends to stay that way. There can be occurrence of regression, which can be corrected with an enhancement but the majority remain stable.

Will Laser Eye Surgery hurt?

You won’t experience any pain during the procedure. You may experience a scratchy sensation or mild discomfort for the first four to six hours after the procedure.

Is there a risk of complication?

With any medical procedure there is always a risk of complication however lasik complications are rare, and often minor, and generally occur in less than 1% of procedures. Careful selection of your surgeon and ensuring you are a good candidate help reduce the risk of complication, however if you are not comfortable with any risk you should not undergo the procedure.

Can Laser Eye Surgery get rid of my reading glasses?

Yes. Monovision can give you independence from reading glasses. The concept of monovision involves correcting one eye so that it is focused for reading. Monovision is subject to individual adaption and may not be suitable for everyone. Suitability for monovision can be discussed and even trialled at the time of your consultation. You may also be found suitable for multi focal lens technology; another option for reducing dependence on reading glasses.