Eyes Treated With Intracor Stable at 2 Years; Patient Satisfaction High

Eyes treated with the presbyopia-correcting technique Intracor (Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH; Munich, Germany) achieved significant visual improvements, said Mike P. Holzer, MD, of the University of Heidelberg, Germany, who presented 2-year data at the AAO. 1
Intracor applies femtosecond laser energy pulses in the stromal layer of the cornea. Unlike LASIK and related surgeries, no tissue is removed. Instead, the pulses cause a biomechanical change in the cornea that shifts its center slightly forward, according a company news release. The procedure effectively reshapes the cornea without breaking its surface, Dr. Holzer said.
Participants (n=25) in the Intracor study showed significant gains in near vision without spectacles and maintained good distance vision at 2 years. Patient satisfaction was high, Dr. Holzer said.
”The procedure is painless, and because no tissue is removed the risk of infection is extremely low and the body does not need to mount a strong healing response,” Dr. Holzer said in a news release.
”The cornea is not weakened, as it can be with other types of refractive surgery. Patients’ vision improved within hours of the procedure and remained stable over the follow-up period.”
1 Holzer MP.Two-year follow-up of Intracor femtosecond laser treatments.Paper presented at:the American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting;October 17,2010;Chicago.
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