Silver & Diamond Options

Welcome to your new world of vision, and a whole new lease of life…

Below is a list of features and benefits available for the treatment options.

These will be discussed thoroughly at your assessment.

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Treatment Options

All Laser LASIK (Bladeless)YES
Advanced Surface Laser Ablation (ASLA)YES
LASIK (Blade Micro keratome)
PRK Surface Laser TreatmentYES

Unique Benefits

Better Result: 25x more precise measurementYES
Better Result: HD Potentially better than glasses visionYES
Better Result: Unique correction to each individual eyesYES
Safer: Unique iris registration trackingYES
Safer: Additional tissue savings of up to 25%**YES
Lifetime of Vision ProgramYES
Follow-up (day 1-3, 1wk, 1mth, 3mth, 6mth)$90 per visit*12 months
Retreatment (if required)*Lifetime
Satisfaction guaranteeYES

Fees & Finance

Cost (per eye)
Detailed costs will be provided based on suitability
Finance AvailableYESYES

*Retreatment fee is chargeable at 75% of prevailing price after 12 months
**Compared to standard LASIK

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