Are you thinking about laser vision correction and want to know more about laser eye surgery cost?

There are many reasons that prompt our patients to take that life changing decision to find out if they are suitable for LASIK eye surgery.

“Wearing contact lenses every day is a hassle.”
“I’m constantly losing my glasses in the house, and at work.”
“My glasses (or lenses) are limiting my lifestyle.”
“The cost of new glasses or contacts is getting too much.”

Visual Freedom from $30 per week

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Not all laser vision correction or laser eye surgery is the same

When it comes to cost you need ensure you are comparing the same procedure and benefits. Your options will generally include:

However some of these options then offer additional benefits such as:

  • Enhancement or retreatment options (if required)
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Improved results such as 25x more precise measurement; or High Definition treatment to potentially offer better than glasses vision
  • Additional safety features such as unique iris registration tracking; or additional tissue savings of up to 25%

Quality guarantee on our lasik eye surgery Sydney

We offer the widest range of vision correction options available in Australia out of our Sydney and ACT clinics. Our commitment is to recommend the optimum procedure that will suit your eyes and your lifestyle.

We will make absolutely sure you are suitable for laser eye surgery. If we are not 100% happy you will be a suitable candidate (one in five patients won’t be) we will advise you of any alternative options.

  • You will be in the hands of our highly trained and experienced surgeons who have performed over 12,000 procedures.
  • We use the latest equipment, techniques.
  • We have and state-of-the art facilities.
  • We have supportive and convenient aftercare.

Our price guarantee on lasik/laser

We will match any publically advertising price or formal quotation; based on the same procedure and inclusions. In some cases we may require verification of the procedure and/or inclusions.

One pricewe won’t hide any costs—no extra charges for tests, medications or follow-up visits.

Lasik and Laser Eye Surgery Costs

Are you considering laser vision correction eye surgery but you’re not sure if you can afford it?

Cost considerations for contacts:

  • Monthly or annual costs for new lenses
  • Solutions supplies
  • Possible doctor visits if you develop eye irritation or an infection from wearing contact lenses

Cost considerations for glasses:

  • New glasses with lenses and frames on average every two to three years
  • Reading glasses
  • Multifocal options
  • Prescription sunglasses

Laser eye surgery costs are a one time investment—glasses and lenses require a lifetime commitment and this involves ongoing costs.

Range of cost for laser vision correct $2,500-3,300 per eye

Calculate how much laser vision correction could save you

Your actual saving will vary based on your personal situation, e.g. glasses, lenses, or both; how often you require a new prescription; maintenance solutions; etc. Try our Cost Calculator and see yourself how much LASIK could potentially save you.

Payment options for lasik. (Affordable options for Laser Eye Surgery Costs)

Many patients are worried they cannot afford to pay for LASIK in one lump sum. Achieve your visual freedom sooner by taking advantage of our various hassle-free payment options to suit your budget.

Many health funds will cover a portion of the costs, you will need to check with your fund to determine your level of cover.

We accept cash, eftpos, bank cheque, Mastercard, Visa and Amex.
Calculate how much laser vision correction could save you