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Why Cost Should Not Be the Only Criteria When Choosing a Laser Eye Surgery Clinic

Laser eye surgery is a pretty big decision and may significantly improve your everyday life. It is also a highly technical and precise surgery that requires real expertise and

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Eye infection in contact lens wearers can cause blindness

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Millions with ‘irreversible’ eye disease given hope of keeping sight

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Home monitoring for wet AMD patients

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15-minute laser is best treatment for glaucoma patients, says study

Top surgeon hails fast procedure that saves a lifetime using eye drops Lasers should become the principal method in the UK for treating patients with the debilitating eye condition

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27 Contact Lenses Found in Woman’s Eye

As doctors prepped a 67-year-old woman for cataract surgery, they made a shocking discovery – 17 contact lenses stuck together. Then they found 10 more. It’s unclear how long

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Low-Dose Atropine for Kids with Myopia

A promising treatment for childhood near-sightedness (myopia) is welcome news at a time when more and more kids are being diagnosed with the condition. Studies show that a low-dose

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