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Professor who cured blindness in dogs sets sights on humans

A Perth medical researcher has won the prestigious Florey Medal for her pioneering work with dogs to help tackle macular degeneration – a leading cause of blindness. Professor Elizabeth

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Model’s eye tattoo goes horribly wrong

  A model from Canada is warning people to “think twice” about a body modification practice quickly growing in popularity after “losing sight” in her right eye. Catt Gallinger

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Sydney ophthalmologist eyes off new ways to save sight

SBS World News Radio: Professor Chandra Bala’s scientific breakthroughs are gaining international attention and benefiting patients. When a routine operation took an unexpected turn, Queensland man Joseph Borg was

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‘Eye Freckles’ May Predict Sun-Related Problems

HealthDay News — Dark spots that appear on the iris — the colored part of the eye — aren’t cancerous, but these “eye freckles” could signify other issues related

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Lens Implants: New Fix for Your Nearsightedness, Astigmatism?

They’re not just for cataracts anymore Are you ready to leave your eyeglasses behind? If you’re thinking of having surgery to improve your vision, it may surprise you to

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Eyeball Tattoos Are Even Worse Than They Sound

Getting an Eye Tattoo Can Blind You You may have heard about a new frontier in tattooing: eyeball tattoos. A quick internet search will turn up dozens of photos (some

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Taking proper care of your eyes to avoid vision loss

Imagine not being able to see your nearest and dearest, watch your favourite sporting team or performer, navigate daily life or even read these very words with ease. It’s

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World First: A/Prof. Chandra Bala Laser-Lens Removal

Ophthalmologist and Clinical A/Professor Chandra Bala (M.Sc. Hons, MBBS Hons/PhD) has become the first ophthalmologist to use a cataract surgery laser to remove an artificial lens arising from cataract

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A lifetime of clear vision after Cataracts

Years of activity can take a toll on the human body. As we age, we tend to experience health issues stemming from a lifetime of wear and tear on

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Why your vision worsens with age

If you are over the age of 40 and find yourself squinting to read, you might be one of more than one billion people around the world with an

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