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Millions with ‘irreversible’ eye disease given hope of keeping sight

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Two Perth children may be blinded after ferocious magpie attack

Two children are at risk of losing their sight after a rogue magpie left them with severe eye injuries. The attacks took place in Perth last weekend, and has

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Mascara embedded in woman’s eyelid

  A SYDNEY woman was horrified to discover 25 years of not taking off her mascara had left her nearly blind after solid black lumps became embedded in her

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Glaucoma genetic risk factors identified

Scientists have identified the genetic risk factors behind glaucoma, the world’s leading cause of incurable blindness. The chances of a person developing glaucoma could be picked up as early

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Instagram model destroys eyes in cosmetic surgery gone wrong

What a sight for sore eyes. Nadinne Bruna, a 32-year-old Instagram model who has more than a million followers, has the eyesight of a 90-year-old after undergoing a controversial

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Glaucoma: New test could save sight of millions by ‘starting treatment before blindness symptoms begin’

The condition, caused by death of retinal cells at the back of eye, affects 60 million people around the world, a tenth of whom are completely blind A pioneering

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The Importance of Getting Your Kids’ Vision Checked

A clear-eyed view on detecting vision problems in kids and when to schedule vision screenings. Throughout their young lives, kids’ bodies change at a practically dizzying rate – and

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Majority Adults Have Eye Problems, But Few Seek Help, Survey Says

Think about it: if you noticed your car wasn’t running well, you likely would schedule an appointment to have it checked out. Would you do the same for your

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Researchers Discover Association Between Hot Tea and Eye Health

Tea is one of the most powerful beverages in our kitchens—it contains ample antioxidants and heart-healthy flavonoids that are essential in any diet. But a new development shows that

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Do Our Eyes Hold The Secrets To Preventing Disease?

In a recent study, researchers found that small opacities covering blood vessels in the retina (called retinal amyloid plaque) are an indicator of early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. These findings are

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