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6 children’s habits that could harm their sight

Leading Australian eye doctors say too much screen time could pose the biggest threat to vision Too much screen time and other dangers to the normal development of a

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New data reveals: 1 in 3 Aussies with poor vision admit to reduced physical health and wellbeing

Over one in three Australians with sight problems may be the unhealthy and unhappy poor cousins of those with 20-20 vision, according to new research released by Australia’s leading

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Glaucoma not seen coming for Australia’s aging population

Diabetes, short sightedness and family history increases likelihood of developing this disease tenfold Leading doctor urges Australians to get checked ahead of World Glaucoma Week, Sunday 6-Saturday 12 March,

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The 7 health checks we delay

Putting off your skin, eye, breast or prostate health check could increase your risk of developing irremediable conditions, says a leading Australian doctor. Dr Chandra Bala, a leading ophthalmologist

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5 signs you might have glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness in the world, but contrary to popular belief it can be treated if it is caught early enough. While

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Focused on the future, with a clear vision

MALMSTROM AIR FORCE BASE, Mont. – Since I can remember, I have always struggled with my sight. My vision was horrible since birth and had affected every aspect of

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Online shopping for sunglasses leaves Aussies in the dark on safety

‘100% UV protection’ offers inadequate summer protection according to eye care specialists A leading Australian eye specialist is warning consumers to buy sunglasses from Australian bricks and mortar stores,

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7 Foods for beautiful eyes and 20-20 vision

Plus, PersonalEYES gives three extra steps to keep peepers in peek condition Fish, avocados and oysters are on a list of foods that keep your eyes bright and clear

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Spring fever: one in five Aussies will suffer with seasonal dry, itchy eyes

PersonalEYES offers 8 ways to soothe springtime eye irritations One in five Australians will endure hayfever this spring as warmer weather and air-borne pollen lead to symptoms including runny

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Laser-sharp vision – 20 years of LASIK eye surgery in Australia

Australia’s premier eye clinic, personalEYES, busts LASIK myths Over 20 million people worldwide have enjoyed improved eyesight in the two decades since LASIK has been available. While early patients

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