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Laser Eye Surgery Lasik Sydney Australia

We offer the most extensive range of vision correction procedures and eye surgery in Australia which means we can choose the procedure that's right for you.

Our team of world-class eye specialists and eye surgeons have performed well over 11,000 laser eye surgery procedures.

Our primary objective is to choose the safest eye surgery option to achieve the best visual outcome to suit you and your lifestyle.

Book your free no-obligation laser vision assessment today and we can discuss the options available with one of our trained Eye Specialists to enable you to see the world clearly again.

Vision becoming cloudy due to cataracts?


Femtosecond Laser-assisted Cataract Surgery
Despite improvements in surgical technique, certain aspects of manual cataract surgery are performed with limited precision. Femtosecond laser technology enables precise incisions in the cornea.
A Visionary Investment In Your Eyes
August is cataract awareness month - nobody can deny the design brilliance of the human species but actually, as we live longer, chinks appear and cataracts can develop.
UV Damage to Eyes
The damage UV rays can do to the eyes should not be underestimated. Harm can occur anytime of the year and simple precautions must be taken to keep our eyes safe.

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Raindrop Inlay Donate your old glasses Online Eye Test LASER Cataract Surgery Cost Savings Calculator Comprehensive Six Point Check Kamra Treatment Vision Macular Degeneration

Test your eyes online

Why not do our online eye test from the comfort of your couch or office chair? Click now to get started.

Online Calculator

Using our simple comparison calculator you can determine the cost savings that you could achieve, and find out just how affordable laser eye surgery can be.

Six Point Eye Check Up

Offers early detection and diagnosis to preserve and protect your vision. Find out more about our comprehensive six point specialist eye checkup.

KAMRA™ Inlay

Corrects presbyopia and reduce the need to wear reading glasses with the Kamra Inlay. Smaller than a contact lens and lighter than a grain of salt—the actual size is just 3.8 mm in diameter!

Laser Cataract

The next evolution in cataract surgery is coming to Australia. Bladeless cataract surgery offers the precision and safety of laser technology. Advanced Cataract Surgery Premium Lens Implants.

Donate Your Old Glasses

We are working to improve the quality of life for some of the poorest people in the world by collecting prescription or non-prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Age Related Macular Degeneration

AMD is the leading cause of blindness and severe vision loss in Australia and causes progressive damage to the macula resulting in central vision loss.

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