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Really, Toy Guns Are Dangerous for Your Eyes

A report published in a medical journal reinforces what that the American Academy of Ophthalmology has said many times. Projectile toys are not safe. Ophthalmologists from Moorfield’s Eye Hospital

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7 Silent Signs You Might Have Eye Cataracts

What are eye cataracts? Eye cataracts, an eye condition that affects about one in six Americans past the age of 40, is one of the most common eye disorders

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End of monthly misery of injections for sight loss sufferers? New jab is needed just 5 TIMES year

Macular degeneration sufferers receive frequent injections directly in the eye But a new synthetic peptide offer the same long-lasting protection, experts say It stopped inappropriate blood vessel growth that

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Eye scan reveals Alzheimer’s years before symptoms appear

For decades, the only way to officially diagnose Alzheimer’s disease was by analysing a patient’s brain during a postmortem. More recently, physicians have been able to use positron emission

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Why Women Should Consider Laser Vision Correction

  LASIK A woman’s ability to multi-task is legendary. With demands from work and family, women are constantly looking for ways to simplify their lives. Many women considering LASIK vision correction

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World First: A/Prof. Chandra Bala Laser-Lens Removal

Ophthalmologist and Clinical A/Professor Chandra Bala (M.Sc. Hons, MBBS Hons/PhD) has become the first ophthalmologist to use a cataract surgery laser to remove an artificial lens arising from cataract

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Not Just The Mediterranean Diet, The Secret Is Also In Their Lifestyle

  It’s funny; I just finished a two-week vacation in Greece and actually lost weight. I dropped just one pound, but my wife lost five! The strange thing is, we hardly

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New 10-minute eye surgery may help some toss their reading glasses

Dr. Mark Whitten performs eye surgery on patient Christianne Krupinsky to insert a Raindrop inlay, a disc implanted in the cornea. This new eye implant corrects presbyopia, the need

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What is Astigmatism? Clearing Up a Blurry Situation

Astigmatism is a very common condition that affects the crispness and clarity of your vision.  It is caused by an irregular curvature of either the cornea or lens –

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A lifetime of clear vision after Cataracts

Years of activity can take a toll on the human body. As we age, we tend to experience health issues stemming from a lifetime of wear and tear on

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